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Charity coin ( $Charity ) is a BEP20 token issued on the Binance Smart Chain with the vision to FIRST, become a multi-charity on steroids. SECOND, facilitate the transaction and enhance the transparency between the philanthropist (donor) and the charity. We are striving to become the number one currency used worldwide by the everyday charity. Not only to facilitate their life, but especially to put an end to the well-established corruption around it. Each time $Charity is traded, our carefully handed pick chosen Charities are receiving donations.
Our Holders fueled on giving back and make a difference in this ever-evolving world we are living in.
Cherry on top of the sundae? Every time $CHARITY is traded, not only the charities benefit, but our Holders as well.


For Us, it never been a question of why, but a question of when.

You see, we have been in the charity domain for years and as old as the domain is, there is still plenty of room for improvement and problem to get solve. Although, each members of our team are outstanding expert in their own domain and most of Us has been into the crypto world for years, none of Us are tech savvy when it come to developing your own crypto currency. Therefore, when we heard about the conveniency of Binance Smart Chain, we knew it was it.

Anybody that has been in the domain of fundraising know how complicated and corrupted the money matter is and even more when the causes we try to help come from another country. Most of the time the matter is urgent, we must act accordingly. Unfortunately, with the huge lack of transparency coming from a lot of fundraisers and the many institutions, we often come up short. As you probably already know, millions of people like Us around the world have made many sacrifices in their existence and are still making them in order to make this world a better place and help our next. After many researches, we came to the conclusion that crypto’s are without a doubt the problem solver of all of this.


There is this new thing called Tokenomics. Every time $Charity is traded, there is a 10% fee on each transaction (purchased or sold). Here is the breakdown :

LOCKER LP ACQUISITION (help with the price stability)3%
CHARITY (directly goes in the charity donation wallet)3%
REFLECTION (static rewards for our HOLDERS, you get paid to own the coin.)4%


Here we are, one of the most important ingredients to our secret sauce. One thing most of the coins fail to accomplish, it implementing their day to day use of it. While at Charity Coin, it the major reason we created it in the first place. We intend to work endlessly in order to make it the go to coin when it come to charities. This is the ultimate weapon needed to put an to the corruption vigorous corruption and the forever financing delays charities have to endure. More on this will be available as the project unroll.

Global Coverage


Big Partnerships



If you are still here, it because like Us,
you value giving back and helping our next. The universe knows.

We picked three of the most transparent charities that we know.
The ones we know are without a doubt making a difference in today world.
Therefore, all donations will be made to those one. We will be announcing those
shortly after we get going, we want to insure there isn’t any misinformation spreading
around. Also, every year, we intend on picking one current cause that is currently happening around the world and that we think could used help right away. We will be divulging these one as it goes.

Here are the main field the Charities we picked are devolving their time and energy :



This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • May 2017

    Creation of the idea of
    Hoverex project

  • August 2017

    The prototype of
    Hoverex finished

  • Q1.2018

    Start of ICO

  • Q1.2018

    Launch of Hoverex

  • Q2.2018

    Launch of the education and
    information «Hoverex» resource

  • Q4.2018

    Launch of
    cryptocurrencies converter

  • Q2.2019

    Launch of Hoverex
    mobile version (IOS/Android)